Disregarded Parental Wishes, when does it end?

I said no, and there is a damn reason for it.


Now, this article comes from the heart of many parents who are really just over other people disregarding our wishes. 

Parents like myself.

If you’re reading this, it’s also parents like you too, because it happens to all of us.

The people that do this, it extends from family, to friends, even random strangers.

And we hate you for it.

My daughter is entering her terrible twos. She is sassy, she’s got an attitude like her mama, and she’s got those puppy dog eyes for miles. She’s a Gerber baby beyond reasonable doubt, and for some reason, that means that people will give her things, and do things for her, that I wouldnt. 

Let start this off gently by saying, please stop.

She’s in a phase right now where she either wants to walk literally everywhere, or be carried. There is no in between. She’s also at a phase where she wants everything you’re eating. 

You can see where I’m headed with this? 

My daughter is highly developed in the teeth to gum ratio, she’s got a full set of very sharp chompers, and I don’t know if any of you disregarders know this, but toddlers can get cavities, and that’s something I’d like to avoid. (She still has two or three teeth to bust through as it stands.)

When I specifically ask that you not hand my 19 month old daughter candy, I know you’re probably not going to listen, but for the love of Christ: if I’m actively telling you no, actively fucking listen. I don’t deprive my sweet toothed princess of much, but candy is usually one of the things I do. Sometimes, I will give her suckers, or jelly beans, but for the most part, that’s my choice, not yours, and she can satisfy her hankering for sweets with an animal cracker or twelve, or she can eat fruit, because it’s good for her. 

I don’t say no to you because I am an evil she-bitch. I am saying no because the one person who looks out in her best interests is me. Also, because handing my toddler copious amounts of sugar, usually means she’s going to be up all night, and at some point around 12 or 1am, I’m thinking about creative ways to hide your body. 

It’s not just food, either. 

I don’t really like to subject my child to a few things, one of those things being danger. (Woah, shocker, huh?) You see it as doing something fun, I see it as me having to tear you a new asshole because my child hurt herself, etc. My definition for fun, and yours, are probably a lot different. Especially because that’s my lil womb warrior. She will be my side from the womb, to the tomb. Taking risks with her, even small ones, it’s just… Not okay. Don’t do it. (Unless you want to find your body in a blender somewhere.)

If I am saying no, or asking you as a random outsider to please not do something, I hope that you understand why. 

My little girl does hear the word no, and when you blantantly disregard me, you’re showing that tiny human sponge that it’s okay to not listen to mom or dad. (And that’s grounds for me to throw hands.)

She might be cute, she might give you those eyes, she might say “peas?” Over and over and over again, but if I, as her mother, can say no to the world’s tiniest, cutest human, so can you. 

Usually, parents don’t really enjoy telling our children no. It’s difficult, and it rips us to shreds, but in order to establish rules, in order to establish respect, we have to start when they’re small. (I think a wise man once said, “You can’t build Rome over night.”)

Granted, I don’t expect my almost two year old to even understand respect yet, but manners are important too, so are general listening skills, and if you, random outsider, cannot listen when I tell you no, you’re setting the example. 

So, with that being said, fucking stop it.

Author: parenthoodimperfections

21, Mother of 1 crazy active toddler, expecting number two any day now. Shedding light on the things in parenthood that no one ever talks about.

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